Azurine is a tangible expression encompassing the exotic and colorful journey and exploration of global cultures. Inspired by the beauty of regional textures and the techniques of local jewelry artisans, each carefully picked stone and thoughtful design details a shared cultural experience showcasing a beautiful piece of the region of which they are from.

Our journey began in a region of the world that holds a special place in my heart: The island country of Sri Lanka. The exposure I had to the process of making jewelry began on this particular adventure with Robert, my fiancé. One of our shared joys is travel and, in good taste, Robert proposed to me during our time in Sri Lanka, and we decided to choose a local gem for my engagement ring.

Tourmaline, or “Thormalli” in Sinhalese, is a native stone to Sri Lanka that I came across in a brilliant blue-green shade. It was perfect. In the process of discovering this gem, we engaged with several local artisans who walked us through their processes of polishing, cutting, and setting techniques from the start to finish. Engaging in this raw process of mining, creating molds and cutting stones exhilarated my love for design and drew me to imagine and create Azurine.

Azurine’s desire is to showcase designs that encapsulate authentic regional colors, animals, nature, climates and rich cultures through our limited collections and bold statement pieces that are thoughtfully created to compliment both every-day and evening wear.

 I hope to share a piece of my cultural inspirations with you.


    Kristen Hettich