Our CEYLON COLLECTION is inspired by the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka. “Ceylon” is the former name of Sri Lanka and this collection incorporates the history, nature, culture and colors of this gorgeous island.

Each piece in our Ceylon Collection are tributes to townships and tours the iconic areas in Sri Lanka. Journey through YALA National Park with the highest concentration of leopards in the world, a charming train ride across the ELLA countryside and its nine bridges, find romance in UNAWATAUNA cozy beach town, admire UNESCO’s world heritage site of  SIGIRIYA’s ancient “Lion Rock” palace fortress, ponder the beauty of the LOTUS flower bringing life to muddy ponds, breathe-in the best views of the ocean from TRINCOMALEE township, watch artisans hand-cut TOURMALINE with generations of wisdom, slow walk the NILAVELI stretch of dazzling bright blue waters and marvel the long history and ancient currency of SRI LANKA.

Introducing the YALAEarrings, ELLA Ear Cuff, UNA Crystal Pendant, RIYA Choker, LOTUS Ring, TRINCO Earrings, TOURMALINE Ring, VELI Pinky Ring, and the LANKA Ancient Coin Necklace.

We hope you love our first collection and enjoy exploring Sri Lanka through our jewelry.